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If you want to buy a Laville High School yearbook or sell your Laville yearbook, this is the place to do it. Just make a post below to find another person who went to school in Lakeville to make the trade.

We also encourage you to keep up to date on news and reconnect with Laville High School alumni.

Class of 2018 Yearbooks

Yearbook Request by Jakub Mark
Just need a 2018 yearbook got caught up with work and never ordered one
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Class of 1980 Yearbooks

Yearbook Request by William Dixon
looking for class mates
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Class of 1975 Yearbooks

Yearbook Request by Diane Whitmer Schrader
A friend of mine from another school borrowed my yearbook and I never got it back. Would like to have one again.
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Class of 1971 Yearbooks

Yearbook Request by Connie Sue Rensberger Shipley
My yearbook was lost in a house fire. Would like to have a 1971 yearbook
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